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Effective Power Risk Management

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EMI compiles and verifies updated rates of transporting bulk quantities of finished refined petroleum products from their place of origin to local wholesale delivery terminals (racks) across the United States. Where applicable rates are derived from state and federal agencies regulating oil pipeline operators engaged in both intra- and interstate transportation. Waterborne transportation rates at applicable terminals are derived from maritime shipping companies and their customers. All rates represent base fees for movement of non-incentive volumes and do not include surcharges or special fees for items like interconnects, special product handling, demurrage, line loss, etc.




Approximately 280 delivery terminals in the continental United States. Rates are expressed in cents per gallon. Information is delivered in an Excel spreadsheet and includes columns for:

  • Location Ð City, State
  • Zip Code Ð For general reference only. May not reflect actual terminal location.
  • Product Origin Ð New York Harbor, Chicago, Gulf Coast, Group III, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland
  • Commodity Ð Gasoline, Diesel
  • Rate Ð XX.XXXX


Reasons to Buy


  • Quick access to transportation costs into local markets
  • No need to pour through reams of tariff documentation
  • Handy reference for easy bid creation in new markets
  • Perform net-back and profitability analysis with ease
  • One simple source with rates into every part of the lower 48


Date Published


Rates are gathered and analyzed throughout the month with an updated file created on or about the first of each month. Updated files are emailed to subscribers automatically. While EMI works to ensure accuracy it does not guarantee that every rate is current or effective upon publication.


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