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Petroleum Industry Fundamentals On Demand



Get a detailed look at the entire petroleum complex with a focus on the operational details of the upstream, midstream, and downstream.

With 9 hours of online, recorded instruction, you get the same in-depth, top-notch learning experience that EMI’s in-person classes are known for. Plus you have the advantage of accessing your course anytime, anywhere.


What You Will Learn

Follow crude oil from the point of production through the formulation of gasoline and diesel products.

Terms, jargon and concepts common to industry experts will be made clear with our ground-up approach that brings insight to the novice as well as to veterans looking for an expanded or refreshed view of the business.

Topics covered include:

Basic oil and gas formation and exploration.

  • Conventional crude oil production.
  • Non-conventional horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
  • Refining basics from distillation to cracking.
  • Domestic pipelines and fuel distribution practices.
  • Gasoline and diesel fuel characteristics
  • Spot, wholesale(rack), and retail pricing concepts.
  • Global factors and considerations.


The course consists of 7 sessions totaling 9 hours of recorded instruction. Sessions covered are:


  • Crude Oil
  • An Industry in Transition
  • Refining
  • Pipelines and Terminals
  • Pricing Fuel
  • A Closer Look at Gasoline and Diesel
  • Retailing


SCORM compliant. Available across all platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile).


EMI online learning programs provide immediate access to instructor-narrated courses on a wide variety of industry topics. Most courses contain multiple sessions comprising 6 or more total hours of content. Upon purchasing you will receive an instant email containing your secure registration credentials. Your course selections are ready and waiting for you upon login. Programs are viewed on demand using your standard web browser and high-speed internet connection. Access to each individual session will end 14 days after first being accessed, although there is no limit to the amount of time it takes to complete the entire course. You can start, stop, pause and view the content within each session as often as you like during the access period.



Who Should Attend

This course will benefit anyone seeking a top to bottom, fundamental education in the petroleum industry.


Perfect for: Oil company management and staff, marketers, pipeline schedulers, interdepartmental transfers, finance management, administrative personnel, those considering entering the industry, and human resource personnel.



Class Details


Industry Segment


Course Level Introductory
EMI Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Professional, Oil
Course Type Online



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