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Trading OTC Derivatives: Options & Linear Instruments

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This course is designed specifically for the unique fueling needs of your Class 8 LTL, TL and transit fleet. EMI understands the nuances of your situation from the logistical restrictions that require you to use truck stops, to the specific selection of stops due to out-of-route considerations. In addition, we understand your bulk fueling requirements and the surcharge environment under which you operate. It is an often-stated fact that fuel is the second largest operating expense of your fleet, and unlike other expense items this one can put you out of business...fast. This course is designed to give you all the information, tools, tips, and techniques you need to build an effective and manageable fuel program.


What You Will Learn


This course will arm you with a logical path of fundamental and technical education on how the petroleum markets work. Next you will learn how to apply that overall knowledge base to the needs of your own company. Finally, you will learn the tools and strategies to employ in order to more successfully achieve your companies fueling objective. Topics included in this class include:

  • How the petroleum industry can work to your advantage.
  • How to determine your company's price objective.
  • What are reasonable discount/cost-plus targets.
  • How the forward exchange markets work.
  • Basic risk management tools.
  • Correlation indicators between markets.
  • How to apply risk tools to your company.
  • How the forward market affects the price you pay.
  • How to segment the supply-chain and where you buy.
  • Bulk strategies that will enhance your buying power.
  • Building your own price and retail network through swaps.
  • Eliminating surcharges to gain competitive advantage.


Who Should Attend


Anyone who is involved in the fuel procurement process at Class 8 and transit fleets will benefit from this course. Even fuel suppliers benefit by better learning from the needs of the buyer. Past attendees have included: Fuel buyers/managers, Fleet managers, Truck stop managers, CEOs and CFOs, finance and treasury personnel.


Class Details


Industry Segment
Course Level
Introductory to Intermediate
CPE Credits
Competency Path
Course Type
Course Times
Day 1: 9:00amÐ4:00pm
Day 2: 9:00amÐ4:00pm


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