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Understanding Your Customers’ Take on Distributed Generation - Survey Data


What are utility customer's thoughts regarding distributed generation? How do you fit in the evolving landscape and how will distributed energy sources affect you?


One of the biggest questions, that utilities face, is how can they better serve their customer. In most de-regulated markets it can be the deciding factor in maintaining their customer. To better understand consumers' thoughts and positions on distributed power, PennWell Knowledge Center conducted a distributed generation consumer survey. More than 250 respondents from around the U.S. answered a series of questions regarding their thoughts on distributed energy sources and how utilities will continue to fit into the evolving energy landscape.


The energy industry is evolving. U.S. consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of electric power, including how it's created, how it's distributed, and how these two processes could be improved. Quickly fading are the days when being an energy consumer is more passive than active, whether it's finding new ways to lower monthly bills or reducing one’s carbon footprint. Examining the consumer perspective is vital to understanding how utilities will need to strategize and direct their business initiatives through the next decade.

Reasons to Buy

  • Examine the customer's perspective on distributed generation
  • Learn your customer's perception of the role of power providers
  • Understand how to better serve your customer in this evolving market
  • Gain insights on strategies that will help you navigate what is ahead


  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Excel Workbook of 23 survey questions,graphs, and raw data (minus respondent's demographic information)

Date Published / Pages

January 2017 / 20 pages

Understanding Your Customers’ Take on Distributed Generation - Survey Data Reviews

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